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Citation: HU Zhaoyang,BI Xiaoliang,WANG Ke,HU Hong,LIU Yongjun,GUO Xiaorui.Design of Peak Regulation Auxiliary Service Market for East China Power Grid to Promote Inter-provincial Sharing of Negative Reserve[J].Automation of Electric Power Systems,2019,43(5):175-182. DOI: 10.7500/AEPS20180711007 copy

Design of Peak Regulation Auxiliary Service Market for East China Power Grid to Promote Inter-provincial Sharing of Negative Reserve

  • Received Date: July 11, 2018
    Accepted Date: October 19, 2018
    Available Online: January 11, 2019

  • Abstract:

        Due to the constant increase of incoming clean electricity from the outside region, the rapid development of new energy inside East China region, the slow growth of valley load, and the year-by-year increase of peak and valley differences in electricity consumption, the peak regulation difficulty during the valley period has been becoming an intractable problem and the market mechanism for sharing the peak regulation resources among different provinces is urgently needed to promote the construction of peak regulation resources. In this paper, the market positioning, basic principles and market operation rules of joint peak regulation auxiliary service market design for East China power grid are mainly introduced. Some key issues are discussed such as the reasons for giving priority to the use of peak sharing resources in the province, unified marginal price clearing mechanism, the allocation mode of “who cause, who share”, profits of all participants, and the interactive ways to other provincial markets. Based on the typical-day example of peak-regulation difficulty, the organization process, the settlement method and sharing principle of peak regulation auxiliary service market of East China power grid are analyzed. Based on the simulation of real market operation, the operation efficiency and the correlation between the clearing price and quantity are analyzed. Through the simulation of a real power system and practical operation, it is shown that the proposed inter-provincial sharing mechanism is effective and can help to promote the optimal allocation of peak regulation resources among provinces.

  • Keywords:

    peak regulation; negative reserve; auxiliary service; marginal price clearing; allocation mode; electricity market

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