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Citation: SUN Bingying,YANG Shuili,LIU Zongqi,WANG Jinhao,CHANG Xiao,ZHU Yangfang.Optimal Bi-level Configuration Method for Battery Energy Storage System Assisting AGC of Single Thermal Power Unit[J].Automation of Electric Power Systems. DOI: 10.7500/AEPS20180628008 copy

Optimal Bi-level Configuration Method for Battery Energy Storage System Assisting AGC of Single Thermal Power Unit

  • Received Date: June 28, 2018
    Accepted Date: January 07, 2019
    Available Online: 2019-02-01

  • Abstract:

        With implementation of demonstrative projects on storage device assisting thermal power units with AGC (Au-tomatic Control Generation) in power grid, extensive attention is drawn by research on storage optimal configu-ration. However, it is difficult to reach a balance between technicality and economy for battery energy storage system (BESS) applied in such case. Aiming at this issue, firstly, this paper builds a double-layer model, of which the first layer is set to minimize both equivalent life loss of BESS and bias electricity for optimal operation, while the second layer, named as economy layer, is built to maximize annual benefit under Kp reimbursement. Secondly, a nested algorithm of Self-adaptive Global Harmony Search and Multiple Objects Particle Swarm Optimization (SGHS-MOPSO) is constructed to solve this model. Finally, based on operation data of a 1000MW-rated unit, capacity configuration of BESS gets optimized and by comparing indicators both in technology and economy, the feasibility of proposed method gets verified. Key words: AGC (Automatic Control Generation); Battery Energy Storage System; Capacity Configuration; SGHS; MOPSO

  • Keywords:

    AGC (Automatic Control Generation); Energy storage configuration; SGHS; MOPSO

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