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Purple Mountain Forum

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     The Purple Mountain Forum is a gathering of experts, professionals and well-known figures in the academe, power industry and professional organizations who take part in a series of academic activities and technical discourse and interaction about latest industry trends, academic interests and relevant research achievements in electric power. It aims at promoting technical exchanges and sharing of expertise within the context of “Comprehensive Energy Development”. Academician(Chinese Academy of Engineering)and Honorary President of State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Professor Xue Yusheng advocated and named the Forum after the famous“Purple Mountain”in Nanjing, China. Living-up to the expectation of Purple Mountain as a premier tourist attraction in Nanjing, the Purple Mountain Forum seeks to generate the same interest and enthusiasm among academicians, engineering practitioners and pundits alike under an environment of “openness, collective-creation and sharing”.

    Since 2015, over 20 academic activities have been conducted and numerous notable experts in China and abroad have been invited to give lectures or deliver presentations on cutting-edge technical research achievements and recent industry trends. Over time, the once humble beginning of a small group meeting has gradually evolved into a conference level gathering participated by academicians and pundits alike all over the world.

ISSN 1000-1026

CN 32-1180/TP

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