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Automatic Test Method for Tolerance Capability of Voltage Sag Sensitive Equipment

1.College of Electrical Engineering, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065, China;2.Electric Power Research Institute of Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd., Guangzhou 510080, China


The voltage sag tolerance capability of sensitive equipment is important information for formulating voltage sag suppression scheme and deciding equipment type to be purchased. The voltage tolerance curve (VTC) of sensitive equipment is usually obtained through test experiments of equipment voltage tolerance capability. The traditional test method has the problems of low automation, high work intensity, and low test efficiency. This paper proposes an automatic test method for the voltage sag tolerance capability of sensitive equipment, to integrate the processing of voltage, current and switch data of the voltage sag generator and the equipment under test. The criterion of voltage sag consequence and the threshold of switch and non-switch equipment are put forward to realize the synchronization of source and load data and automatic VTC drawing. This paper also proposes an improved dichotomy test method which can be applied to sensitive equipment with rectangular and non-rectangular VTCs. Finally, the proposed automatic test method and improved dichotomy test method are verified by an automatic test simulation system and an actual physical test platform. The simulation results show that the automatic test method can realize the automatic test for voltage sag tolerance capability of sensitive equipment with multi-dimensional voltage sag characteristics. Both the simulation and actual test results show the improved dichotomy test method has high accuracy and test efficiency.



This work is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51807126).

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[1]WANG Ying, CHEN Chunlin, XIAO Xianyong, et al. Automatic Test Method for Tolerance Capability of Voltage Sag Sensitive Equipment[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems,2020,44(20):127-135. DOI:10.7500/AEPS20200416012
  • Received:April 16,2020
  • Revised:July 03,2020
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  • Online: October 16,2020
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