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Anti-misoperation Technology of Secondary Device for Dispatching and Control System of Smart Grid

State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd., Fuzhou 350003, China

Fund Project:

This work is supported by State Grid Corporation of China (No. 521304170028).

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    In view of the lack of anti-misoperation technology of secondary devices in the dispatching and control integration operation mode of smart grid, this paper proposes and realizes a anti-misoperation technology of secondary devices based on the master and substation cooperation. Through the expansion of secondary devices anti-misoperation application service data unit (ASDU) based on IEC 104 communication protocol, the integration of control and anti-misoperation graph module is established to realize the maintenance of anti-misoperation information source end and logical consistency mutual check of anti-misoperation master substation. This paper systematically puts forward the anti-misoperation rules of secondary devices, establishes the anti-misoperation logic between primary device and secondary device, secondary device and secondary device, station and station, designs the anti-misoperation algorithm of secondary device based on expert knowledge base, and realizes the anti-misoperation locking function of remote operation of primary and secondary devices. The field practice shows that the anti-misoperation technology of secondary devices can improve the devices state perception ability and remote operation risk control ability, and ensure the safety of remote operation of power grid devices.

    表 3 防误信息类别和104规约ASDU借用方式Table 3 Anti error information and using method of 104 protocol
    表 1 二次设备防误逻辑Table 1 Secondary devices anti-misoperation logic
    表 4 设备可遥控状态逻辑Table 4 Logic of devices remote-control capacity
    图1 系统架构Fig.1 System architecture
    图2 图模一体化总体架构Fig.2 Overall architecture of integration of graphics and modules
    图3 一体化模型Fig.3 Overall model
    图4 图模互校核框架Fig.4 Mutual checking frame of graph modules
    图5 逻辑公式互校核框架Fig.5 Logical formula cross-check framework
    图6 二次设备防误算法示意图Fig.6 Schematic diagram of secondary devices anti-misoperation algorithm
    表 2 保护功能投入逻辑Table 2 Relay protection function input logic
    图 二次约束一次校核示例Fig. An example of second devices constraint primary devices check
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WANG Yongming.Anti-misoperation Technology of Secondary Device for Dispatching and Control System of Smart Grid[J/OL].Automation of Electric Power Systems,

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