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Time-Frequency Voltage Control Strategy of Microgrid Inverter Based on Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Control

School of Electric Power, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou 510640, China

Fund Project:

This work is supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51777078).

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    Microgrid is a nonlinear and strong coupling system with multiple constraints and large load disturbance. The conventional proportional-integral (PI) dual-loop control has been unable to meet requirements. The active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) technology can significantly improve the performance of microgrid inverter control system by compensating the disturbances. This paper proposes a time-frequency voltage control strategy of microgrid inverter based on linear active disturbance rejection control (LADRC). In order to improve anti-disturbance and dynamic performances of microgrid inverter, the decoupling of dq axis, the dimension-reduced extend state observer (ESO) with capacitive current and the linear state error feedback control law are designed and analyzed in the time domain. In order to improve the tracking accuracy and anti-disturbance performance of microgrid inverter at various harmonic frequencies, the frequency response characteristics of time-domain LADRC system are analyzed. Based on it, the real and imaginary decoupling links and the time-frequency domain LADRC strategy are designed and analyzed. Finally, the proposed strategy is verified by experiments for the microgrid inverter operating in the island mode. Experimental results show that the time-frequency voltage control strategy of microgrid inverter based on LADRC has better decoupling, anti-disturbance and dynamic performance when it is compared with PI double-loop control. Moreover, it can accurately control harmonic voltage to achieve harmonic suppression.

    表 2 Table 2
    图1 微网逆变器的时-频控制结构Fig.1 Time-frequency control structure of microgrid inverter
    图2 时域LADRC系统Fig.2 Time-domain LADRC system
    图3 时-频域LADRC系统Fig.3 Time-frequency domain LADRC system
    图4 时-频域LADRC系统波特图Fig.4 Bode diagrams of time-frequency domain LADRC system
    图5 微网逆变器输出电压的波形和频谱Fig.5 Waveforms and frequency spectrum of output voltage of microgrid inverter
    图 dq坐标系下的系统结构Fig. The system structure in dq coordinate
    图 引入模型补偿的系统结构Fig. The system structure introducing model compensation
    图 抗总和扰动能力对比Fig. Comparison of anti-sum disturbance ability
    图 负载扰动能力对比Fig. Comparison of Anti-load disturbance ability
    图 解耦性能对比Fig. Comparison of decoupling ability
    图 时域LADRC开环系统波特图Fig. Bode diagram of time-domain LADRC open loop system
    图 时-频域LADRC系统Fig. The system of time-frequency domain LADRC
    图 负载扰动下的输出电压d轴分量Fig. D axis component of output voltage under load disturbance
    图 d轴阶跃、暂降响应的dq分量对比Fig. Comparison of dq components of step and sag responses on axis d
    图 负载扰动下的2种控制的对比Fig. Comparison of two kinds of control under load disturbance
    图 5次、7次谐波阶跃响应对比Fig. Comparison of the fifth and seventh harmonic step response
    表 1 各传递函数的增益值Table 1 Gain value of each transfer function
    图 微网逆变器实验系统Fig. Experimental system of microgrid inverters
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LI Zhihua,ZENG Jiang,HUANG Junchi,et al.Time-Frequency Voltage Control Strategy of Microgrid Inverter Based on Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Control[J].Automation of Electric Power Systems,2020,44(10):145-154.DOI:10.7500/AEPS20190824003

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