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Graphics Wide-area Maintenance and Browsing Technology for Smart Grid Dispatching and Control Systems

1. NARI Group Corporation(State Grid Electric Power Research Institute), Nanjing 211106, China; 2. NARI Technology Co. Ltd., Nanjing 211106, China; 3. State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company, Nanjing 210024, China; 4. State Grid Ningxia Electric Power Research Institute, Yinchuan 750001, China; 5. State Key Laboratory of Smart Grid Protection and Control, Nanjing 211106, China


With the rapid development of grid interconnection and ultra-high voltage(UHV)AC/DC interconnected power grid, the characteristics of grid operation have undergone profound changes and new requirements have been proposed. In view of the problem that the current graphics browsing of smart grid dispatching and control system is incapable of meeting the requirements on centralized monitoring of UHA line equipment belonging to different dispatching institutions in the same picture, a method of grid graphics wide-area maintenance and browsing is proposed. The method realizes integral monitoring of crucial equipment by introducing the equipment model wide-area retrieval technology, the wide-area graphics file unified management and pushing technology, the definition and maintenance of wide-area data technology and the real-time graphics wide-area browsing technology, etc. The scheme has been pilot applied in the control center. This method can provide technical support to the operation of UHV interconnected power grid, and meet the demand for real-time monitoring of operation state and operating risk prompted by UHV DC equipment.



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[1]CHENG Yiqiang, WU Xiaona, LI Huiqun, et al. Graphics Wide-area Maintenance and Browsing Technology for Smart Grid Dispatching and Control Systems[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems,2017,41(14):171-175. DOI:10.7500/AEPS20161116003
  • Received:November 16,2016
  • Revised:June 08,2017
  • Adopted:March 14,2017
  • Online: May 12,2017
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